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This Index of the Kangyur has been composed by combining elements of the lists and indexes on THL and TBRC.

_A few titles are on one list but not on the other; here all have been noted.

_THL has the names of the texts in Tibetan script but not in transliteration; TBRC the transliteration but not the Tibetan; here they have been combined. The transliteration is useful to find any text, or any author, in an extensive list using simply the function Edit-Find in Word.

_The introductions to the main collections and the references of publications have been maintained and can progressively be completed.

_The extensive details on the content of most of the texts in THL are very useful in their electronic form but are not convenient to be transposed integrally on paper; they have not been transposed.

_The lists of TBRC contain many titles, short and long, in Tibetan and Sanskrit, again this would uselessly overload a document in paper; only the long titles have been maintained. There is also the colophon in transliteration; it has been deleted for the same reason of simplification.

When they appear the complementary information of the author of the text and the translators have been maintained.

The purpose of our list is only to provide a complete index of all the texts in the Kangyur with the basic information on how to find them and exactly where they are, up to the page of the text, in such and such a volume.

_In the presentation the thematic classification of the sorter lists has been maintained but the volumes are also indicated as well as the number of texts they contain.

We thought that this kind of document can be a useful tool to make a general study of the content of the Canon, to find any original text, by its title or author, helping thus to compare the existing translations or to do new ones!

With all my best wishes.
KPG Brasilia the 14th August 2015
Lama Trinle

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